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Typhoon Shmyphoon

30 Oct

With all this talk about Frankenstorm back home, I figured it was prime time to post about the weather here in Japan.  Ok, actually just about the Typhoons – which is really just another name for Hurricane when a storm is located in the Western Pacific. {But if you ask me, I think typhoon sounds way cooler/scarier}

For all you facing dear Sandy back East, I would like to pass on some words of wisdom that allowed us to survive our first typhoon in Japan.

1. Be sure to stock up on all of your necessities:

2. Have plenty of food and make sure you have a means to prepare it without using electricity:

3. Take care of thy neighbor:

Unfortunately, I’m a bit rusty in my typhoon skills since we haven’t faced a serious one here in Tokyo in over a year. However, Okinawa (an island in southern Japan) did recently face one of their worst storms yet, so I’ll leave you with this video to enjoy. {Moral of the video? 1. Always have your camera ready and 2. put some heavy junk in your car before she blows away!}


Stay safe everyone!!!

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