The Sushi Experience

14 Mar

Of course, when one thinks of Japanese food, they usually envision sushi (or if you’re like me, Benihana’s). Well sushi certainly is everywhere! Benihana’s…not so much. Regardless, sushi was of course on the “must eat” list during my visit last February. But fair warning, for all those American sushi lovers out there, Japanese sushi is completely different. Let me show you:

Americanized Sushi

Japanese Sushi

Still confused? I’ll begin by saying I was still new to eating sushi – and in fact, I still do not typically eat cooked fish. But with sushi becoming wildly popular in the states and a trip to Japan looming over my head, I decided to learn to love tolerate it. The trouble is, I started to really like this ‘Americanized’ sushi that seemed to be everywhere – deep fried, covered in multiple delicious sauces, comprised of veggies or even fruit, maybe some cream cheese, and perhaps a sliver of fish in there.

Japan, on the other hand, does not Americanize their sushi. This was something I quickly learned as I sat in the booth of the conveyor belt restaurant and watched sushi with their eyes still intact move by. I mean come on, they don’t even roll it in seaweed to create, say, a tuna roll? (One of the few non-fried rolls I’d been able to stomach). Luckily for me, they do. It’s just hidden at the bottom of the menu because most nationals do not order it.

After biting the bullet and trying a few adventurous {for me} pieces, Collin came to the rescue and ordered up some chicken fried sushi! Ok, just kidding, it was only fried chicken…but man was it good! I also learned they serve french fries, soup, and even dessert! So never fear fellow sushi-phobic friends, there is hope for us yet…I haven’t found a sushi restaurant that doesn’t serve up a mean plate of fried chicken!


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